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Track your converter, anytime, anywhere

Monat Technologies has partnered with the U.K.’s Retainagroup to distribute it's best-selling Catalytic Converter Security Etching Kits in the U.S.

Stop thieves in their tracks by permanently etching a unique code tied to your VIN number into your catalytic converter.

Using a simple sticker, marking fluid, and small brush, your catalytic converter can be traceable and linked back to you by anyone in just minutes via phone or web.

Etching kits are a great first step for someone who wants a layer of catalytic converter security but isn’t quite ready for a Catlock, or for someone with a Catlock who wants an additional layer of protection.

Secure your catalytic converter with an etching kit today for just $14.99. (note: etching kits are included with the purchase of a Catlock 3.0)

Wholesale purchases for fleets or etching events please contact

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"Projected delivery date was 11th - 14th. It was delivered on the 10th. Great service." - Catlock customer via, September 2013