About Our Converter Theft Solutions

In 2008 The Catlock® 1.0 was designed for truck, van and SUV owners in the U.S. to quickly and inexpensively protect their vehicle from catalytic converter thieves.

In 2010, The Catlock® 2.0 was launched, featuring 100% Grade 8 bolts and not one, but two 1/4"-aircraft-quality steel cables for maximum protection. The Catlock® 2.0 quickly became the best-selling converter lock, as it's simple design and highly competitive price point (1/3rd the price of comparable locks) made it the best value on the market.

In 2011 we began selling The Catlock® 2.0 in the United Kingdom through a distribution partnership to combat the converter theft problems occurring overseas.

In 2012 we began distributing Catalytic Converter Security Marking Kits from the U.K.'s Retainagroup. These are the #1 security marking products available and allow customers to quickly etch their converter with a unique ID and a toll free number that enables their converter to be traced and returned should it be stolen.

What's next? You'll just have to visit us again soon to find out! Until then, thank you for letting us protect your converter(s).

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About Monat Technologies

Monat Technologies is a Phoenix, Arizona-based LLC established in 2008 by Ian Monat and Steven Meislahn. After the catalytic converter was stolen from Ian’s Toyota 4Runner, he set out to help others victimized by catalytic converter theft, by creating an effective and easy-to-install catalytic converter anti-theft device sold at an affordable price.

With the help of the Innovation Advancement Program (IAP) and Sun Devil Entrepreneurship Network (SDEN) at Arizona State University, Ian met Steven, a talented mechanical engineer, and Monat Technologies was formed.

The Catlock® underwent dozens of design iterations and months of strenuous product testing before its current design was chosen for its simplicity and versatility. All the while, Monat Technologies partnered with the IAP for assistance with market, financial, and legal matters and engaged local suppliers to bring The Catlock® from vision to reality.

We are excited to offer you The Catlock® and we hope you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your catalytic converter is under your vehicle and not in the hands of thieves.

• Learn more about the IAP at: http://law.asu.edu/techventures
• Learn more about SDEN at: http://sden.asu.edu/

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